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Im not sure if my question belongs in this section of the forums.

But here we go.

About a two months ago I was left with a feeling that can be deacribed as off balance.

It happens mostly when i walk. Whenever i take a step, like when my body shifts weight to one leg, it feels as though i sunk into the ground. I feel that in my head as well. After a while of walking i start to feel sort of dizzy, but without the room spinning, more like a lightheaded feeling that your falling into something. And then i get slight visual distortions. My legs have been a little shaky, and my right leg jerks a bit when weight is lifted of.

I can replicate the same sensation when i sit down and squeeze either buttock.

Also in my lower back i been feeling a constant tremor that changes with position. When I lay down i can still feel that tremor in my back. If i close my eye its even worst. It feels as though everything is wobbling.

I was reffered to a neurologist but its been extremely difficult getting in contact as their offices close at any chance that bad weather is near. And there is no emial or direct phone.

I have been to an ent who said my ears are fine. I got a second opinion from an ear+nose+throat institution that said i have vestibular migraines. But not sure if its this as I rarely get headches.

This all started after having a jolt feeling in my chest, in the mid upper section. Doctors said it was bronchospasm. They gave me an inhaler which never helped.
And was also told that i have acid reflux as i was having extreme abdominal pain.

I really need help finding out what is going on. Doctors have been unable to help so far, and i have been experiencing anxiety after a month of this.
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replied December 28th, 2016
Forogt to mention that my doctors also believe i have a stomach ulcer on top of everything. I get pain in the stomach if i dont eat right away after feeling hungry, and im constantly hungry throughout the day. Sad
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