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strange color or odor to it. Sometimes green or yellowish.

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I've been having a lot of stomach problems for about the last 6 months or so.
I get stomach cramps and really sharp pains on both the left and right sides but mostly the left.
Sometimes I even get lower back pain or what feels like an ache in my kidneys.
I am rarely ever hungry and when I eat I almost always hear/feel a gurgling going on.
Also I feel a lot of rumbling and gas movement when I haven't eaten and can hear it very loudly.
I've had excess gas.
I have long periods of diarrhea/really loose stool with short periods of constipation in between.
A couple of times it has had a strange color or odor to it. Sometimes green or yellowish. Or sometimes it looks like it has mucus in it. It almost looks like the squishy mud at the bottom of a river that clouds up when moved.
Sometimes I randomly get nauseous usually before I eat anything or after I've eaten a lot.

It might not be related but I also sometimes get really light headed when I stand sometimes almost to the point where I black out and I get persistent headaches almost everyday. And sometimes I get the nausea and light headed ness together. I also get shaky sometimes

Also I randomly started getting all these random things popping up. First I started getting styes in both eyes a lot. So I stopped wearing makeup and stuff then I got a huge boil in an 'unmentionable area' then I was fine for a while and this started right after my stomach issues first started. Then I started getting styes again. Then I got this weird blunter on my lip and it soon went away. The. I got one next to my lip on the skin and I've been told they look like cold sores .
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replied February 10th, 2015
Did you have any testing done? I think you need to get some testing done to rule out EBV and CMV infection. Good luck and do not give up!
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