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strange behavior when woken up

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over four years now and in the past couple years I have noticed some really strange behaviors of his. They began to occur more often after he started his graduate school pharmacy program and is under a constant amount of stress. These behaviors are generally more prevalent and extensive around times of stress (i.e. before an important exam). However, they also occur after he takes a nap or is woken up from sleep. The strange behaviors include:

*semi-slurred speech
*a glazed look over his eyes
*exaggerated pauses before answering questions/responding
*strange mannerisms of the hands and face
*confusion/ somewhat drunk-like behavior
*just generally NOT acting himself AT ALL
*this weird behavior tends to last for a few hours, not just minutes

He also snores very loudly and talks in his sleep (but these are minor issues compared to his half-awake-sleep-drunkenness). I have been searching the internet for quite some time trying to figure out just what is going on with him. It scares me that he may attempt to drive in this state of mind. For now, these behaviors are little more than a nuisance to me, but it does make me nervous as to what he may do in the future.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening? If so, what the heck is it? Are there any treatments? Is there any way that I can "wake" him (even though he is "awake")? Help please!! Smile!!

I would appreciate any advice or opinions Smile
Thank you!!
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replied October 15th, 2009
Try looking into extended inner ear infections, or just inner ear inefections. Simple as it may sound, these symptoms related clearly to inner ear infections. A doctor will do a quick and painless cleaning resulting in immediate results or better coordination and response during the "awaking refractory period" or the time it takes someone to fully awaken.

Awakening fully is pressed highly within military branches during boot camp only taking a few weeks to incorporate into ones life and lasting for years even if the person doesnt adhear to "rude" awakenings. I am a military dog(Specialist in the US Army three years) and when I noticed symptoms like you state, I seen my doctor and it was an inner ear infection. After the cleaning, I was back to normal.

Now, what he's going threw when under stress trust me, when we get the "on call quick respose force" wake up call I have to be awake and ready. But I noticed these symptoms, and shortly seen a doctor. He said I probally had a slight inner ear infection weeks ago, even months ago which allowed wax to build up throwing off my balance, coordination and speech slowly over time. After the cleaning, I was back to normal. I also am very hygenic cleaning my ears every morning and night with q-tips because dirty ears in my thought are a turn off! lol.
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replied October 15th, 2009
That is sooo crazy!! I would have NEVER guessed that! I'm going to tell him about this later. I'm not 100% sure that it will work/ be the issue, but I am totally willing to try! Thank you so much for responding. Also, thank you for serving our country Smile I'm an Army brat (My dad was in for 34+ years-Airborne/Ranger/Infantry) and I think that yall can never be thanked enough Smile
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