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Strain from bowel movement

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I have not gone to the bathroom in a week (I can I just have not because I am at someone else's house) and I guess I decided that I had to go today and forced myself to go. After my second stool, I believe I pulled something in my abdomen and it was hard for me to walk/move/lay down. I am nervous that I ruptured something or that something turned over and that I need to see a doctor. This happened about an hour ago and the pain has subsided a bit; I am trying to rest and drink some hot tea, but I am just a bit worried (this has never happened before). What should I do for myself and what if I still awake with pain?

Thank you.
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replied January 14th, 2009
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If straining happens as a habit for a longer period, it poses risk for developing some complications like hemorrhoids, hiatus hernia (linked to acid reflux), and prolapse (slip or fall out of original place) of womb, bladder, or rectum.
I guess you pain is coming from the over strained muscles of the pelvic floor.
Rest, anti inflammatory drugs, no straining with bowel movements, and time(up to three weeks), should lead to pain relief.

Best wishes!
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replied July 26th, 2010
dont feel like im getting every thing out when i have a bowel movement
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