I am studying to be an RN. 10 days ago I was in the OR to watch a c-section. A few seconds after they stuck the needle in for the spinal tap, I suddenly felt light headed (tho I had seen a lot worse before). I had to leave the room and be driven home shortly after. Two days later I had to go to the emergency room because I was having twitching in my neck and hands & one of my pupils was larger than the other and the eye began wandering in circles. They could find nothing wrong. I have since had an MRI, Cat Scan, EKG, EEG and I'm not sure what else. No one has an answer. Since I told them about 2 years ago I had hit my head hard enough to knock myself out, they gave me medication for focal epilepsy, but it is not helping me be able to speak. They say I should not be having continuous speech problems. Now one doctor has suggested I am faking it. I am NOT! But I am not getting any better. Can anyone help me out here? Could there have been something released into the air during the spinal tap that caused this?
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replied October 19th, 2009
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Get a second opinion.

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