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Stopped birth control in middle

I was taking the sunday starters birth control and I stopped taking it around the middle of the cycle. After I did that, I bleed for about a week or two longer then at the end of my period I had protected sex with a boy. He told me that he pulled off the condom about half way through and we went for about ten mintutes without a condom, but he said that he didn't cum in me at all. I know there is a chance I could be pregnant since everytime you have sex there is, but how much of a chance is there for me to be pregnant?
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replied February 24th, 2009
it could be possible
well first off your period wont b regualr because you stopped the pill. Second never let a guy do that. If you arent trying to get prego. Third. There is a thing called pre mature ejacuation. So there is a possiblity of pregnancy. Wait till your period is due . Which you dont know when it will come bc you stopped the pill. And take a Home prego test.
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