Hi guys (and girls!)

When I take a poo my stool is usually soft and mushy which nearly always means a huge amount of wiping to get clean. The excessive wiping makes my anus sore and often there will be blood on the toilet paper.

Until recently I had 2 large skin tags on my anus which I think were a result of years of irritating my anus causing scar tissue to continually be produced. I had these surgically removed a few months back (no complications, fully healed) and definitely don't want this to be happening again! Occasionally I will have a bowel movement which is adequately hard and will require one or 2 wipes but this is a rarity. Its such a pain i the butt (literally!) having to use 1/4 of a roll of toilet paper on a sore anus to get clean!

I eat plenty of fibre and in general have a pretty good diet, is there anything I can eat more of or supplement my diet with to firm my stools up?
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replied December 4th, 2013
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Yes one can take a supplement like metamucil and so forth to bulk up their stool. However, what I would suggest doing before going on such a route is actually counting how much fiber you get over a few days and average it. Ultimately, the goal is around 20-25g of fiber.

If you are hitting that number and your still getting diarrhea then I would suggest going back to your doctor as this could be indication of something else.

If your not I would suggest trying to get as close to this range for a couple of weeks and see if there is any difference. If you do, but it isn't quite there then I would suggest adding in the supplement.

Ultimately, finding out exactly how much fiber your getting is the key before making any decisions.

Best of luck.
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