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Stool DNA test for CRC cancer

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Recently, this test was added to the list of screening options by the ACS/multi task force and was finally embraced by the CRC medical community. I URGE all of you to have your DR prescribe this test. It is invaluable for many reasons.

1) IT detects cancer in all four stages unlike an annual FIT/FOBT test which only detects blood.

2) IT is noninvasive and easy to complete

3) IT detects flat legions that both a colo or VC are having a difficult time detecting. A recent study was just published on March 5, 2008 stating that over 10% of crc cancer results from flat legions. This was a huge study because it explains how someone can have be cleared after a colo and wind up with stage 3 or 4 cancer in a few years. The answer is because your GI missed these flat legions........stool DNA detects these legions.

4) Cost: it costs $400 today, but in early 2009, a newer better version of the pregen test will be available for under $250.

5) Regularity: This test should be taken every 3 to 5 years, unlike annually for a FOBT/FIT test.

6) It requires NO bowel preparation unlike a colo or Virtual Colo.

Please, i urge you all to get this test inbetween your Colo, it will save your life and give you peace of mind that these flat legions will be identified.
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replied April 1st, 2008
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