I have a nice little history of stone problem.

and its hereditary .. so cant help it either..

on the right side

there is one 7mm, one 5 and one 4 mm stone

and on left there r two 4mm stones..

pain is excruciatingly untolerable at times... last week.. i just about blanked out in the hospital with the immense pain.. gosh. that one event was so painful.. i cant believe i managed to reach the hospital ,,,,


no docs suggested surgery-- surprising coz 7mm cant pass..

anyways. i decided to go for homeopathic treatment coz that treatment has less chances of recurrence .. n im at really high risk of recurrence

any sugg guys?
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replied June 30th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Hi and welcome to ehealth

I have been getting stones for many years as well...Sad
Sorry you have to go through as well.

What type of stones are you making?

There are some foods and drinks that increase the risk of getting of stones.
Coffee, teas, cola, etc... Foods with oxalate are on the list. Also a low sodium diet helps.
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