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stomach virus throwing up

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Hey guys.. came down with a stomach virus on March 10th.. went away a few days later.. came back a week later and I had a bad loss of appetite and nausea.. went to the doctor, first doctor said it was Gastroenteritis.. gave me meds (promethazine & cipro) and an IV, helped a little.. felt sick again, went to ER, they said it was Acid Reflux, they did a bunch of blood tests, all came back normal, no infection, no liver, or kidney diseases or no gallstones, so that rules out a virus too... well it's still going on a little bit.. I have pressure and bloating in my UPPER-middle stomach below sternum, lots of belching and gas.. weight loss because I haven't eaten much, lost 18 pounds in a month. When I do eat, I take little bites and can't finish it because I am so scared of throwing it back up.. however at certain times I can eat a full meal slowly.. diarrhea every morning for the past 3 days, only in the morning.. it seems to get really worse when Im anxious.. feels a little funny in the mornings.. certain smells trigger off my stomach gurgling... whenever I bend forward, it feels bloated, like liquid is coming up, not acid... I wanna eat a normal full meal again!

Any ideas?
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replied April 10th, 2009
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You are experiencing symptoms of dypepsia (indigestion, or, hard and difficult digestion).
It is usually associated with GERD, gastritis (stomach lining inflammation) or stomach ulcer.
Sometimes, non-gastrointestinal conditions leads to indigestion.
When there is a weight loss following the indigestion, usually, structural problem of stomach or upper bowels is identified.
Dyspepsia is often, chronic and its symptoms vary in intensity from time to time.
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replied April 11th, 2009
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stomach ulcer throwing up
Hi there

You show the classic symptoms of food allergy, and your system is trying to tell you that. On top of that, you took drugs promethazine & cipro) into a nonfunctional stomach. I'll explain a little about allergies On the initial exposure to an allergen the body is shocked and doesn’t yet know how to cope with the attack, except for the adrenalin output. Thus the allergen produces an alarm reaction. For instance, the first cigarette a person smokes causes coughing, sneezing, dizziness, possible nausea etc, ALARM. After the initial shock the smoker will adapt, and will react less severe each time the person smokes. The body has found some way to cope with the allergen and toxins. This is the stage of ADAPTATION. The worst symptoms are masked and absorbed by body organs. Stage Three, EXHAUSTION is eventually reached for all and this stage is marked by some disease.
Adaptation has been overcome. The body copes well, if forced to, during the adaptation stage, and the person might even feel better during the adaptation stages because of the adrenalin rush. This could include elevated energy levels. There will, however, be a downside. It is followed by fatigue, depression, drowsiness, mood swings etc. If you like to try this out on your kids (and I wouldn’t know why you would want to) give them some multi coloured chocolate sweets and lollypops and watch their behaviour change. They become unruly and hyper active (My daughter calls it “going Harpic”, clean around the bend). Their facial hue will go to bright red as the adrenalin rush opens the capillaries and soon after (if you are lucky) they fall, dead tired, asleep.
Manic depression, too, is this up and down reaction to a substance one is allergic to.

An infant taken from breast milk to formula will, in the initial stage, vomit. This is stage one of an allergic reaction.
Then, after a while, stage two, the adaptation stage will be reached and the body gets “used to it”. Then stage three, exhaustion of resources is reached and illness or disease occurs. Usually the body’s first line of defense, the mucus membranes, tonsils, adenoids (these were routinely removed when I was a kid. I hope the Medical fraternity have become wiser now) and the rest of the lymphatic and glandular system will become affected and more serious problems will manifest as the immune system is now totally exhausted.
The most allergenic food is dairy products.
The simple facts of the matter are that after weaning we are NOT supposed to be suckled anymore!
I would suggest you give up dairy products totally. You probably ask; "Why now" The simple answer is that the production of lactase ceases at some time in our life, but we don't know exactly when! Some people can suckle well into the 70's while others need to stop at age 4. We just don't know!
Don't believe the commercials about 'calcium for your bones' It is the biggest scam in the world.

Good luck

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