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Stomach ulcer, esophagus nerve damage after Gastic Bypass

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I had a Gastric Bypass in 2007 i lost 145lbs, about a year later june 2008 i gained back 30lbs back and started to have stomach pain and pain all over my body. In 2009 it became so bad i had to stop working in 2010 i was told i have fibromyalgia and a stomach ulcer and nerve damaged to my esophagus. the problem i have is i can not loose any more weight i have gone to a 98% vegan diet and still eat small amounts. but i was told because of my Esophagus nerve damage i need to graze eat which is a big no no and since i have done that i have gained 10 lbs back in 2 months and i am told i have to take anti acid for the rest of my life. also the Doctor has not said anything about the esophagus nerve damage but i have to learn to live with it and that means my esophagus will always work slower then other ppls.
what i'm i to do i went down from 410lbs down to 255lbs up to 280lbs now i am up to 310lbs i am so frustrated. Just to let you know i am 6 foot 7 when i was down to 255lb i felt to thin and there was so much loose skin so i felt happy at 270lbs.
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