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Stomach pains following pancreatic operation

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My wife, aged 57, had an operation to remove an insulinoma from her pancreas at the start of September. Her spleen was also removed. a secondary cancer was found on her Liver, which was cut out. She cannot be treated for the cancer as there is no evidence the type of cancer she has responds to treatment.

In the last few weeks she has been complaining of shooting internal stomach pains, around the same area as she had the operation.

Obviously she is worried that this would be the cancer reappearing, but I am hoping it is an after effct of her operation and can be remedied easily.

She is due to have a scan shortly, so hopefully we will get some news then.
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replied December 10th, 2009
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Hi tapyeno,
Hopefully it is only scar tissue from the surgery and nothing more. Once one hear the word cancer and having been diagnoised with it, it consumes your every thought whenever something pops up. I will pray for you and your wife's speedy recovery and that she will be cancer free in the years ahead.

God Bless,
Faded Rose
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