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stomach pains,depression when i change drinking water.

Dear Doctor,
I get depressed and stomach pains and weak when i change the type of bottled water i drink.
It is disturbing me a lot since i always have to stick to one particular type of water and this is not possible when i travel.
Please i need your help.
I am 24yrs and a male.
Evans Boateng Owusu,
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replied July 8th, 2010
drinking water causes pain
I have the same problem. Different water I drink will give me pain in different parts of my body. Like for instance when I drink water I can feel it go right to my legs or arms or nose or stomach and they will ache.I use to drink a lot of soda so I thought this could be a mineral deficiency so I've been taking minerals and vitamin d for about three months now but it hasn't helped yet
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