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stomach pains - AIDS symptom ?

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I have been HIV+ since 1985. My TCells were always over 725 and about five years ago with my doctors okay... I quit the antivirals.
I have not been back to the hospital for a checkup since. About a month ago, I began having the worst stomach cramps imaginable. Now, I am vomiting almost everything I consume including chicken broth. Is the situation I am experiencing an AIDS Symptom?
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replied January 9th, 2009
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It sounds like you are having a small intestine obstruction (a blockage, complete or incomplete, in the intestines that prevents gas, fluids, or solids from moving through the intestines normally).

Symptoms of bowel obstruction are waves of cramping abdominal pain, occurring around the belly button area.
Patient with bowel obstruction vomits repeatedly, often regurgitating large volumes of food eaten hours earlier.
A vomit is usually green in color.
You may experience unusual fullness after eating, bloating (gurgling sounds coming from your belly), and a lack of appetite, too.
Constipation and inability to pass gas are common signs of a bowel obstruction.
However, when the bowel is partially blocked, you may have diarrhea and pass some gas.
Many different problems can cause a bowel obstruction, such as scar tissue from previous surgeries, certain types of hernias, cancer, twisting of the intestines, or diverticulitis.
Also, is very possible that you were suffering from peptic ulcer located at duodenum, the first part of small intestines, and due to scaring and swelling caused by ulcer, you are experiencing bowel obstruction.

Visit a doctor!
Best wishes!
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