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Stomach pain , headaches , weight loss

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Hi, Hope someone can advise/put my mind at ease.
Started getting server stomach pain 8 weeks ago. Whole of stomach hurts/tender to touch. Inside of stomach hurts/throbs all day long. Loss of appetite/hard to eat (stomach hurts after eating). Strong headaches. Lost lot of weight (due to loss of appetite!). Developed breathing problem over this time as well. Odd days have very bad breathing attacks that I cant control. Chest feels tight.
Had Ultra sound, endoscopy/biopsies, CT scans, blood tests.
Found I had H.pylori infection/bad stomach inflammation. I completed course for H.pylori but still had stomach pain symptoms 2 weeks later. CT scans reported back clear.
Specialist now states all the stomach pain (and breathing problems) is being caused by anxiety. Prescibed anxiety meds.
Does this sound the correct next course of action/cause of my various stomach pains and other problems? Worry is that stomach feels like its been kicked in and its sore/tender to touch. Can this hurting to touch all over be caused by anxiety? I can see why the consious pain could be casued by it but not "physical" pain.
Not been retested for H,pylori having cleared. Could that still be the cause of my problems and not anxiety?
Thanks Smile
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replied November 5th, 2009
I think it is indeed anxiety at the heart of this as you have already been checked out. Anxiety can cause actual tenderness in the gut as well as more generalised cramping and discomfort. You might want to ask your doctor for an anti-spasmodic for your bowel/ stomach cramps and meantime cut out dairy products as they can irritate an already stressed digestive system.

Your body is possibly telling you something - if you are experiencing stress or unhappiness in your life, then it is time to stop and take stock.
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replied November 6th, 2009
Hi, thanks so much for your response. Could you clarigy on this...

I wake up in the morning with the thobbing/burning pain in my stomach. If I wake in the middle of the night its there as well. I have to use hot water bottles to ease it to sleep. Is this anxiety related also? Or could I still be recovering from the H/pylori?.. or could it be from both?
I also get random stabbing pains in my stomach. Is this from axnieety as well?

Thanks again.
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replied March 30th, 2011
I never used to be able to sleep well because of stomach discomfort and headaches, and had trouble breathing. Turned out anxiety was a factor, and realizing that and taking yoga and meditation classes helped me a lot. But also changing my diet and eliminating fructose and gluten, which i found out i'm allergic to helped alot. I found this article then figured I was probably allergic to some kind of food. then figured it out. you may not want to realize that you are allergic to gluten, if you love pizza like me,
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