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Stomach cramps in morning

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I am really not sure what is wrong with me. Starting about 1.5 months ago I started waking up every morning sick to my stomach, horrible cramps and I do not get some sort of relief until I have a bowel movement. Thing I have noticed is that my bowel movements are really loose, not diarrhea though. Sorry to be so graphic, I just want to give you all the details. I am bloated all the time and have to use the washroom several times a day. I tried to remedy the problem by taking Acidophilis and digestive enzymes. I have not really seen a difference except I am not as gassy all the time and cramps are less frequent. Any help you can offer is much appreciated.

Thank you,

Johnny Y
Ontario, Canada
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replied December 30th, 2008
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Diarrhea like stools that last more than three weeks are usually due to functional intestinal disorders.
Your symptoms are characteristic for IBS, irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea predominant type).

Is your abdominal pain subsiding soon after the bowel movement?
Do you usually feel like you haven't completed your bowel movement?
Have you experienced a loss of a bowel control?
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replied August 5th, 2011
that's what's been happening with me and I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with me but I have no insurance so my doctor won't see me...I just had a daughter almost 5 months ago and got an IUD back in May 2011. and ever since then i've been having unusual bowel movements and horrible cramps. @ jyelland do you think it could be malnourishment??
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replied September 5th, 2011
I am feeling the same way. However, I have been diagnosed with gerd and gastroparesis as well. They all began at the same time and my doctors usually tend to ignore it and want to try and cure the gastroparesis and gerd first, but the major problem I have is the bowel movement problem.

Any insight in to this can be very helpful if anyone has any!
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replied January 11th, 2014
Hey guys
Same things here with me. I used to eat spicey every day.....and live somewhat a stressful life...
However im losing weight now and getting back into shape.
Since a year...i have been woken pretty much every night....i have recently discovered that my bloating goes completetly away if........and only if
I stay alkaline....meaning i drink certain soups...and then an hour later i drink warm-hot water......not room temp and sure as hell not cold water thats the worst thing u can do....i also take two drops of oil of oregano in some water each day and i drink metamucil 2-3times a day with hot water.!!!!!! People hot water is the key...................
Dont not drink cold water.....its the devil and we americans have been trained to to depend on this nexium prilosec by our misuse of cold beverages...the things ive mentioned above have helped but not cleared my problems up yet..
.if anyone can share any other advice it would be appreciated!
Also i paid a gastrointentologist 250$ to tell me that i am now thirty two and ive never been 32 that was the end all reason why my cramps are occurring....what a waste....he prescirved a antacid and gave me metamucil samples.....he was a greedy jerk and all he wanted was endoscopy money ....oh well
Also i am getting back on mastic gum...i ran out....b
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