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Stomach Cancer spreads to lymph glands

My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer as a result of stomach ulcer. Must run in the family since my grandma had ulcer problems but she was quick to diagnose and got well just on meds.

So my mother was diagnosed on the beginning of December after getting her results of an endoscopy exams complaining of stomach pains.

The Doctor suggested immediate removal of the stomach. She just had her surgery and stomach,spleen, and womb where infected and removed.

Now what worries me is that the doctor said that it found traces of cancer having spread on the lymph glands, so he took a sample and sent it for biopsy for further analysis (hasn't come back yet), and stated that chemo and/or radiation might be required.

The removal of infected organs was successful and now my mother is fighting to get back on her feet. She is on the hospital bed for almost 20 days post surgery with medicinal cocktails and we help her twice a day to walk on the hallway.

What I'm worried about is the spread on the lymph glands. Will she be okay, is the survival rate good, or will we have to face bad news? Should i be concerned about further growth?
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replied December 28th, 2009
Additional Information.

The Biopsy results came back today and it shows that 7 lymph nodes out of the 32 were found to be metastatic. Also something about KrukenBerg Tumor was mentioned somewhere on the result statement.

Doctor said that this complicates stuff.
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replied September 15th, 2011
How is your mam, did she recover. My mother is similar at the moment, she is having chemo before the op and then more chemo.
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