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stomach bloating smelly discharge

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Since I got back from christamas with my family in NZ, I have been feeling strange. I have constant stomach bloating, without pain, I am constantly hungry, like all the time, I am never content!! I am always really tired, drained and de-motivated to do anything. I get teary at really stupid things. There is no way I can be preganant as I havnt had sex since my last cycle. I do however, have a very smelly discharge that is very white and thick, to the point where I have to wipe it away when I go to the toilet and am very self conscious. By lunch time I smell.
I sometimes have to go to the toilet within 20minutes of eating (like runny and painful dioreah) other times, I am constipated for days! (still no pain though)
Does anyone have any idea whats happening to me?
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replied December 22nd, 2008
stomach bloating and smelly discharge
that sounds exactly like what is happening to me apart from i am experiancing realy ba pains throughout this.

replied October 6th, 2009
bloted tummy
It sounds exactly like my symptoms and I must say goes together with me being on the pill. I happily got off it since me and my ex split a year ago. All went back to normal, no more gas, bloated tummy, pain, migrenes, all gone. Recently I got back on it because my new boyfriend insisted. Within three weeks of using it - all the problems are back. I have since split up with my new boyfriend and have just swallowed the last pill yesterday. Hopefully, all be back to normal in a few weeks time!
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replied July 5th, 2010
It sounds like IBS ( Irritable Bowel syndrome ) check it out on google.
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