I'm suffering from pains in my left side,under rib-cage.waking most mornings 5.30 with the desire to pass stools.This can go on for an hour then I go to the toilet and its a rush,I'll be like that for most of the morning..as you can imagen I'm pretty exhausted by midday.I also feel sick and have stomach cramps with hot sweats.I've been experiencing pains in my ankles;also in my thumb joints (burning sensation)making it hard for me to do any activities.I use to be very fit,3times in the gym for 2hrs every week ,home improvements and run around like a 20yr old.
I started experiencing problems about five years ago(my left thumb felt sprained)
I had 2 colon and endoscophy through the NH. the last one I had was in april 2007 at the London hospital(privately)...nothing was found.I've recently took Chinese medicine and acupuncture,unfortunately the medicine made me sick and the acupuncture caused bruising of the body.I at my wits end,because the condition leaves me feeling weak and pretty miserable.Location for toilets is a must when I go out+I have to watch most foods I eat.Weighing in at 7st 7lbs..feeling cold all the time!!!anybody having the same problems.
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replied January 23rd, 2009
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Your symptoms could be due to Celiac disease, but the colonoscopy didn't revile positive results associated with this disease.
IBS can give morning rushes to the toilet with abdominal cramps.
Abdominal pain with diarrhea, nausea, weight loss, hot flashes can be due to untreated diabetes.
So, check the blood sugar level.
Test your thyroid gland hormonal status.
Talk with your physician about hormone-secreting tumors (they can be located in different places in your body and give symptoms like diarrhea and hot flashes)

Best wishes!
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replied March 2nd, 2009
spleen problem?
I have checked the info on the spleen symptoms I have had issues for 6 months under the left rib, does not feel like swelling is there but if enough pressure is put it is bothersome, thought to loose weight, have lost 15 lbs. but it is still there.
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replied February 11th, 2010
Stomach+spleen problems
I have had exactly the same symptoms as jbiggie. I take extra strong Acidophilus (30 billion cells) daily which has stopped the urgent toilet rushes; I take a teaspoon of Glutamine daily to improve my stomach lining (and many other things - Glutamine is great); I have four bags of chinese herbs per week from my lovely Chinese doctor (a member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine - ATCM) and I have a very nutricious diet. I have also experienced the soreness in the feet and the pain in the joints and nausea. I have also felt extremely weak and very, very, cold. Improve the stomach environment by the above and good nutritious food. Stick with a good TCM doctor. Ask him if your liver/blood is OK. The coldness is caused by liver/blood problems (in which case take Mild Thistle tablet daily to improve the liver). If the stomach/spleen is weak, it causes weakness of the bowels and hence the coldness of the body.

Hope this helps.

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