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Stomach always hurts after eating Anything.?

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My girlfriend has a huge problem with her stomach, and I am extremely worried, she has seen the doctors many times and they have NO idea what to do. Her stomach hurts everytime she eats or drinks even a little and she cries and cries. She says the pain stops after she vomits but she is in agony after eating a proper meal.She has gone for gastro but the results have shown nothing. She has tried various things like cutting out dairy and such from her diet but it even hurts after drinking water. Due to the Swedish healthcare system, she cannot be admitted into hospital because she visits the hospital during noon and not the evening so the doctors never see her in this much pain.

She is in so much pain after eating every meal. She describes the pain as her entire stomach exploding. This has been going on for half a year please help!
She is not allergic to anything. She has gone for blood test. She is not allergic to dairy or wheat and has tried avoiding them for weeks.
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replied December 3rd, 2011
Hi, my name is Jenna and I have similar problems to your girlfriend but have yet to find the problem. I always feel as though I am going to throw up after every meal and feel like my stomach is so tight everywhere from my chest to hips like it's about to explode. Has she had a stomach emptying test? She could have gastroparesis, which is delayed stomach emptying. That is my suspicion for myself, and I am having one in a few months. As well, has she had a gastroscopy? Mine showed pyloric channel narrowing, which means the tube leading from my stomach to intestines is abnormally small and food cannot pass at a normal rate, creating naseau and vomiting if eating a normal size meal. If she has not had a gastroscopy, she needs one!! As well, she needs to be tested for h.pylori infection and gastritis. The only thing I have found that helps me is drinking water with every meal, and I mean ALOT of water to soften to food and break it down. On days where it's really bad I resort to smoothies! I hope you find an answer soon, please let her know she is not alone! Smile
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