It has been about a week now since I had unprotected sex multiple times with the same partner (he did not ejaculate inside of me, though) , and I am having terribly painful needle-like sour stomach pains, slight headaches, and am sometimes lightheaded when i stand up. It is really this perpetual stomach ache that is worrying me, though. Is this early signs of pregnancy? Is it possible to have signs SO incredibly EARLY? and how common is it to still get pregnant even when they pull out and do not orgasm inside of you?
any information would be great, this stomach pain is so awful. . . I wonder if maybe i am just sick? drinking too much coffee? My period is supposed to come in a week, but i am so nervous and impatient. . . :/
thanks so much.
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First Helper nebula

replied September 22nd, 2009
Even i am experiencing slight stomach pain in my 2nd stomach.Actually my periods was supposed to come today and instead its this pain.WHen i searched net some say its a symptom of pregnancy.Even if they didnt orgasm inside,chances are there sperm might have gone inside.If it still persist try doing a pregnancy test at home.Or else visit a gynocologist.Or else appendicitis could be a reason.Stop drinking coffee.
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