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Stomach ache and loose stool

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I am 21 years old and throughout the years I have very frequently experienced stomach aches and loose stool. The pain ranges all over the usual 1-10 scale, and generally feel either to be a tight twisting of my upper stomach, or a very uncomfortable squirming within my lower stomach.
I keep a healthy diet, plenty of fiber, vitamins, and vegetables. However, about 3 months ago I used Colon Cleanser to try and give my stomach and such a fresh start. I only used the cleanse every other day for one week (so only about 3 days total), and then stopped because I did not like how it seemed only to loosen my stools much worse.
My concern is focused on the stools that followed during the cleanser. Every day seemed to be watery with grainy, or rice-like matter in it.
Now that it is three months later, I still frequently have upset stomachs and just tonight I had a loose stool with the same white, grain/rice-like particles in it. There were many of these particles, each about 3mm long.
Does anybody know what this could be? I don't believe there'd be any chance of the cleanser ever being still in my system (meaning that any of it attached to my colon or anything freaky like that), which scares me because it then leads me to believe it wasn't the cleanser that created it in the first place.
Please help? any input would be appreciated!
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