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stitches come up and leave a hole that drains?

in 1984 had my apendix removed
and ever since then ever do offten the area around the scar swells up and gets painfull and a stitch comes to the surface remove the stitch and all is well fo a while 2 years ago a stitch came out and the hole is still there and drains all th time and now the area is hard
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replied August 26th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

You are having the buried stitches coming to the surface, causing a small infection. This is called "spitting" out stitches. But, to do it after 27 years is quite uncommon. Usually, by this time the body has dissolved the stitches, or walled them off with fibrous tissue.

If you still have a spot that is draining, you should see a surgeon. You may have a chronic subcutaneous abscess.

Good luck.
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