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stinky periods

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hello im 46 and think im going thru menopause i have had heavy periods severe back pain on left side and periods stink so bad is this normal Question
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replied March 7th, 2011
Hello and welcome to is only one way to have menopause checked and thats a blood work done to confirm it..
I do remember before i completely stopped my periods i had this horrible smell downstairs it lasted a few months. When my periods stopped so did the smell once i treated it with (active ph balance).
Some women do bleed heavy when in menopause but still have it checked out..A good friend of mine has been menopause for over a year but still bleeds heavy and been told it could last another year yet until it stops completely.
Get tested either way and then let mother nature take its course..Another tip that if you use tampons and they feel uncomfortable when taking out change to pads as it could be a drying up stage and sign of them stopping. Hope this helps you.
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