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Stinging and Swollen Penis Foreskin

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The day before yesterday I masterbrated and wiped my penis forehead and foreskin with toilet tissue paper. Later that evening I felt itching stinging feeling on one side of my fore skin, I scratched that part from outside of the clothes, the stinging feeling remained. Next morning I saw that my penis foreskin is swollen on one side(right). I can pee normally without any difficulty but I am very worried about the swelling. I can pull back the foreskin with out any difficulty and I cannot see any unusual thing in the inside portion. I don't have active sex life and its been a long time i haven't had sex.

The swollen part of the foreskin feels a bit hard and the stinging sensation is still there.

I need help.

Thank you.
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replied March 16th, 2011
Community Volunteer
Sounds like you did not clean up very well.
Could have been something on the toilet tissue which
just sits around for hours collecting anything.

Have you used tissue paper before???
Could be a reaction to the paper, scent, colour dye.
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replied March 16th, 2011
I used tissue paper for the first time.. the swelling and sting is now gone.. but I can still feel small lump in the foreskin. It feels like it is residue of the swelling.
What can that be. I did not visit doctor since the swelling was significantly reduced next day.
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