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Stimulants--addicted/can't stop easily

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I'm getting pretty hooked on ADHD amphetamines and energy drinks. It's more the energy drinks that are addicting to me, but the temptation to take more amphetamine is hard to handle for me. I have pretty severe ADHD and also have a history of really needing high doses of Stimulants to treat my ADHD, (above the FDA maxes), but lately I have been trying to cut back on them to try and improve some of the side effects I get. I consume caffeine pills, energy drinks, tea, coffee, soda, etc trying to get enough energy to focus but not take more amphetamine than I'm supposed to. It sounds silly, but it's a real thing for me and I asked my doctor what to do and he said I may try something different for depression and maybe that would help with feeling the need to use stimulants for motivation? He is thinking of an antidepressant but maybe Wellbutrin, but I'm just hoping that I can get over this caffeine/stimulant addiction because it is bad. I am chewing gum to try and mitigate the desire to have "oral" stimulation and sometimes will use tic-tacs if I want to chew on something. Any advice on how to reduce my dependence on stimluants would be good as I also have high blood pressure, but I am experiencing withdrawal whenever I reduce caffeine or amphetamine doses? I am wanting to cut down even more from where I'm at, but it's getting hard since I also have ADHD but am addicted to stimulating things. I also am sort of impulsively driven to over-exercise and excessively masterbate, but that is just more stimulation and things I don't need to throw in the mix. What can I do to help overcome this desire to always have tons of stimulation in a safe and reasonable way?

I am doing my best to keep my mind off wanting caffeine, and have even told myself if I get close to where the caffeine is at I just have to walk away and sit down until I get my mind off of it. It's tough because anything stimulating in "sight" is always something I can grab and just drink/consume (like a pill or beverage). I don't know what else I can do about this issue really. I consumed up to 890 mg of caffeine last week in two days, and took more amphetamine than I should have. I called my doctor telling him I really just felt It was out of my control and I couldn't stop myself because of how powerful the thoughts were to consume the stimulants.
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