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Still Suffering constantly getting sick and losing weight

My girlfriend has been suffering for 3 months now.. She went to see our family doctor and she complained of Right Upper Quadrent pain in the abdomen and he pretty much blew it off and said it was Acid Indigestion.. Later that week we took her to the ER twice for it hurting so bad and now constantly vomiting and throwing up.. The ER Doctor said she was fine and sent her home.. For word 2 months we finally had an appointment with her OBGYN and she decided to get a HIDA scan and blood tests, because she's constantly getting sick and losing weight and so bloated she looks 5 months pregnant.. Well HIDA scan showed nothing, again but the reader said her Bile ducts are about 8mm and should be about 3mm.. Surgeon that is suppose to remove gallbladder is now acting like we can wait another 2 weeks for her to decide what to do.. Is there anything we can do or should do?? She can't keep going like this, as she's getting sicker and sicker everyday, and I'm afraid something for drastic will happen..
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