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Still spotting daily 3 months after medical abortion

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I had a medical abortion early november and it went as it should, no issues, and my 2 week check up went just fine, no problems. I started birth control immediately after. I have had maybe 5 or 6 days where I have not spotted. I had a "period" 2 weeks after the abortion and again at 4 weeks post abortion. I spotted every day minus the maybe 5 or 6 days since. So that makes it almost 4 months past. Is this normal? Is it just my body trying to regulate to birth control again and hormones or could something be wrong.
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First Helper nalasr96

replied February 20th, 2011
Still bleeding after medical abortion
I had a medical abortion January 7th. I am still bleeding...the last 10 days has been heavy and clotting again, I'm ok with it but just wondering will it ever stop? Should I go on birth control pills to help get things back to normal? I also excercise alot. I've slowed down on it but wonder if I should stop for a while to help my body heal..anybody have any thoughts?
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