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Still having pain in the area of my spleen after Mononucleosis

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Still having pain and tightness in the area of my spleen after mono

It's been over 3 months since I was diagnosed with mono. I went to the hospital and my spleen was 14.9 cm instead of the normal 10 cm and my liver was also extremely swollen. After a month my liver readings were normal but my spleen was still enlarged so I continued to rest. The next month (so 2 months after being diagnosed) I went in for a second ultra sound and they said it was back down to normal so I could return to my normal activities as long as I felt okay.

I immediately returned to my heavy soccer lifting for college and my daily activities. After being cleared I still am having a tight feeling and pain where my spleen is like I did when I had mono. I notice it especially when I do abs on my left side and even sometimes when I am just walking. I don't sleep on my left side anymore because it still bothers me and I don't like any weight or pressure on my left side either. I decided to rest for the last two weeks to see if that will help and it hasn't. I just had an ultra sound last week to check my entire abdomen and it came back normal but I know something isn't right. Also all of my blood count tests were normal.

I understand it is impossible to diagnose things over the internet but my doctor is at a loss and I am just looking for any ideas or suggestions to help this situation. I am extremely frustrated and I want everything to be normal again but I don't want to further harm my health and I would like to know if working out is hurting it.

A side note: I had H.pylori two years ago and have since had bad heartburn and have been unable to eat a lot of good food since. The doctor doesn't think it's ulcers. (I"m not sure if this is important but I figure any medical history can help)
Other than that I am only 19 and I eat fairly well and I don't drink often so I would consider myself a healthy individual.
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replied July 17th, 2012
My daughter is having the pain on her left side under her rib cage and the doctors cannot find out what is wrong with her. She was diagnosed with mono is March and it is July and her spleen is back to its normal size. Have you had any luck getting a diagnoses on this issue?
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