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Still bleeding after mifipristone and misoprostol

i have taken the mifipristone and misoprostol at 24 of march and i still having bleeding tell me what can i do for stop the bleeding
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replied April 28th, 2010
wow im sorry that no one has bothered to answer your question! after you have an abortion its normal to bleed for up to a max of 6 weeks. 4 to 8 weeks later your normal period should return. i had an abortion march 22nd due to some unfortunate medical circumstances and bled hevily for two weeks along with some large liver like clots the size of both my thumbs put together and after those two weeks i bled lightly... nuthin to shake a pantie liner at but still it was there. its now uuuh april 28th an im waiting for my regular period to return.
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