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still a weird feeling after sex

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I had sex 5 days ago and since then i have a terrible pressured feeling in my lower abdomen, and every so often i feel like my period is about to come soon..but it's not and i haven't had any spotting.

Also, I have this weird growth inside my vagina (about 3-4inches up) that I've had for a good 5 years but I've never had any real problems with (I could have it longer but I hadn't really ventured too far up that way until then). It's not really attached to the wall I don't think as I can move a finger 360 degrees around it, and if I touch it I can feel that weird pressure/period feeling.

I had a full abdominal scan last year as the doc thought I might have ovarian cysts because of the pressure feeling but it turns out I have a retroverted uterus, so surely if I had a scan like that, whatever this growth is would show up, would it not??

If any1 has any information on this id greatly appreciate it?

Thanks Smile
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replied November 15th, 2011
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I am pretty sure your 'growth' showed up on the scan. It is called your cervix Smile

During sex his penis can bump into it, causing pain and bruising. When you move, your vagina can touch this bruised area and cause the strange feeling.
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