I have been experiencing a great deal of stiffness in my hands during the last year. I play the piano and tin whistle (a type of flute), and after a few minutes of practice I begin to feel stiffness. After about 15 minutes, the stiffness increases to the point where it is almost entirely impossible to play. Up until this last year I never had trouble playing for prolonged periods of time. The stiffness is also related to other repetitive tasks, such as typing. In addition, I wake up with a decreased range of motion that makes it very difficult to close my fist. Stiffness is also felt in my forearm (though it mainly effects my hands) and causes difficulty carrying out all fine motor/gross motor tasks with my hands. I am a 31 yr. old female with head/neck/back pain and have relatives with arthritis. I know it's typical for arthritis to begin developing at my age, but would it be this extreme?
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replied July 11th, 2010
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yes u could have arthritis, I get the same pain in my hands, try puttin ice, then heat on it (icey hot will do)
before u go bed and when u wake up,
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