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Sternum Pain coming from the spine

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Hello, so, first things first, I'm a 23 year old male and I've had back problems for most of my teenage life, since I was like 16. But that's not my main concern at the moment. Last summer, around in August, I went on a waterjump/slide thing and dived into water, apparently landed kind of wrong and banged my chest against the water really hard. As soon as I got out of the water I knew something was wrong, it was very hard to breath and immediately it was very painful to even twist or turn my upper body, I thought I'd wait the pain out and it would go away, but it was the same or worse the next day. So, here I am about 8 months later and I still have pain in my sternum every single day, it's not as bad as it was, but it's still there. The pain mostly occurs when I sneeze, every time I sneeze I get a terrible, sharp pain in my sternum, at this stage I'm actually trying to avoid sneezing. Also when I do some particular exercises (I go to the gym on a daily basis) or when I wake up in the morning after having slept on my stomach all night, I notice pain.
I was concerned that my sternum was broken or something, so I went to get an X-Ray in a chiropractic centre. The doctor told me without hesitation that my ribs in my spine were dislocated or gone out of place after seeing the X-Ray. It was my first time with this chiropractor, so I was kind of skeptical and didn't really trust him fully, the way I'd trust my own one to which I go to once in a while. So he cracked my spine, just like chiropractors do, and I felt kind of positive about it and hoped the pain would be gone the next morning, but of course it wasn't, so I went to see him once more and he did the adjustments again, and at the end he said we just need to keep torquing the spine, even though in the first session he said I'd only need to have one or two adjustments, so I haven't seen him since, simply because I just can't afford it and who knows how many sessions I'd need with him? I could be going to him all my life, putting money in his pocket without any improvements in my health.
So yesterday I went to my chiropractor, the one I trust, and showed him the X-Rays. He explained his theory, and said the pain was coming from the spine, because it's all connected. So, he did some adjustments like always, woke up this morning, guess what? pain is still there. He has really helped me in the past, when my lower back was screwed up, but with this case, I really have no idea how many times would I have to go to him, and it also feels like I'm just throwing money away. At this stage I am sick and tired of the pain, and the fact that no one can help me get rid of it. So I'm writing this here, in hopes to hear from someone that have had a similar problem or heard of a similar case?
Thank you for any feedback in advance.
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replied March 27th, 2016
Welcome to e health forum.

Your symptoms and your history are suggestive of Costochondritis or musculoskeletal strain.

The chest wall includes the skin, ribs and muscles that surround the ribs. Chest wall pain is usually caused by injury, inflammation or infection of these structures. Common causes for chest wall pain include: muscle strain, chest contusion, and costochondritis. The pain in these conditions is brought on by movements of the abdominal wall or the rib cage.

Costochondritis is inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that ‎holds them to the breastbone or sternum. The condition causes localized chest wall pain and ‎tenderness that you can reproduce by pushing on the involved cartilage in the front of the rib cage. ‎Most cases of costochondritis have no apparent cause, and they usually subside spontaneously ‎without treatment.‎

Try icing the area and use anti-inflammatory medications like advil to control the pain. The symptoms should subside within a few days. If it does not help, you may consult your doctor who can prescribe you better pain medications.

I hope this helps.

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