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Hi everyone!

I'm on the hunt for information on stem cell treatment relating to MS. I've read several mix results but those were from 2005/2006 and I'm interested to hear more recent cases. I'm hoping that since that period the science has improved and the results are better.

A little about me... I'll soon be 31 in May and as of this month (March) it has been 10 years since the first symptoms of MS started. I have relapsing/remitting MS and I'm on Rebif 44 3 times a week. Over the last couple of years I've gone down hill quite a bit and honestly I'm scared of what's next.

Any advice or help regarding stem cell treatment would be greatly appreciated.

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replied April 9th, 2008
Hi tim
I'm currently investigating this topic too.
I wish we could share some information.
Definitely I consider that there is many information about MS that has not been revealed.

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