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STD gonorrhea & saliva

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This may seem strange but I have had a situation recently that is concerning me about a possible exposure to gonorrhea.

Here is the story. This past week I have had a severe sore throat, Thinking that it was strep throat I went to the doctors and had a culture done and was told it was not strep, since the dr did not test for anything else they said it was just an infection and gave me some amoxicillin to take, I had been coughing up a green puss that seemed unusual for a simple infection, today I have conjunctivitis in my eyes and did some research as to possible causes online and one of the culprits is gonorrhea.

I have had no sexual contact for quite awhile due to a health issue and I was trying to figure out if I may have come in contact to anything from someone else. The only person whom I have had close contact with is a friend who I suspect has been very promiscuous, we spent a day together and there was some time where she was alone with a man for over an hour and a half. Afterwards she had made some comments about this man that made me think that they had been intimate during this time. Now she and I did not kiss or any other physical contact other than to share some drinks from the same container and some food together as well as smoked the same cigarettes and this was immediately after her time with this man. The odd thing is that she also has the same throat infection and this occurred at the same time. I have asked her if she has seen a dr but she has not gotten back to me yet. She has a way of not being straight when you ask her personal info and usually evasive with her answers, she has hinted to me that she sleeps around alot and other times I have spent with her she is often trying to pick up men in my presence which is strange behavior for a friend, this is why I think she may be promiscuous.

I may just be paranoid but my question is this, how easily can someone pass this on when the only contact is through possible sharing of saliva. Is this a real concern and should i ask my doctor for a test for std? Also what is the best way to confront this woman without accusing her of something that she may or may not have done?

Sorry for the length of this post but needed to tell the back story.

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replied October 10th, 2008
Just get a STI check
Go to GU or STI clinic, they can test for gonorrhea in the mouth and eveywhere else, you don't need to confront the woman - just get tested
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