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staying erect

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10% of men experience erectile dyfunction. When does a penis become erect? And what is ED? Start here for ED basics....
Can other medical conditions causes erection problems? Here we review the many potential causes of erectile dysfunction. ...
If you can't achieve an erection or control ejaculation, you might have Erectile Dysfunction. But what primary ED symptoms should you look for?...
why cant i stay ericted doing sex? could my high blood pressure have something to do with it
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replied October 20th, 2010
I've been reading some studies recently correlating the number of circulating stem cells one has in their body with various health conditions including vascular health (like ED). Some suggest that there are any of a number of dietary and lifestyle factors which directly impact the number of stem cells circulating doing their thing. I've actually also heard some positive reports about natural supplement like healingstemcells [dot] com. Hope that helps.
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