My boyfriend has my pills and usually I start on Sunday, but I can't get my pills till Monday.
Do I have to take two on Monday to stay protected the whole month? Or do I just take one, and skip a day?
also, I was on Ketoconazole, a fungal medicine that interferes with the pill but I got off it the middle of last month(May) Do I still have to wait awhile for the pill to be protected, or will i be protected this month(June)?
The infection haven't cleared but I finished the course of the antifungal pills.

Was on Lutera, am switching to Levora this month because of moodiness.
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replied June 7th, 2008
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You NEED to take 2 pills on Monday and then WAIT 7 FULL days to have unprotected sex.

This is because missing the first pill/taking the first pill LATE of the new pack will compromise your protection.

It ONLY takes 7 full days for your pill to protect you, so you need to wait 7 days to have sex without a condom.
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