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Starting an alternative health practice

I am currently a Paramedic and my wife is currently in massage therapy school. I have always wanted to have my own practice and even was once a pre med student (but ended up in EMS and Firefighting and a family) and since my wife has started massage thrapy the urge has resurfaced. I would like to combine her degree with a certificate for one of the following that has always interested me: Master Herbalist, Holistic Practioner, or Irodologist.
My question is what is your opinion of which one to become to have a successful practice combined with my wifes massage therapy. I am not familiar with the exact limitations of each. I want to have a practice where I can schedule office visits and help guide people in the right herbs and natural remedies and treatments for their illnesses like a doctor does but the direction of natural health. I have been to an Irodologist and it was very similar to visiting a doctor to me but with herbs instead as the treatment.
I am 33 and have 3 young children so I cannot go off to school for 4 years. I am wanting to complete an online certification which would give me the ability and knowledge to open my own alternative health and massage practice/clinic along with my wife, in the least amount of time. Please don't shower me with "Your not going to be a doctor" and all that because I am very aware of that. I am located in Kentucky as far as u needing to know my local laws.
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