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Star Tipping Side affects from new game children are playing?

Children are playing a game called star tipping and the craz is growing. Has the medicial community heard of this and are there side affects to this new game the children are playing?
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replied December 12th, 2010
For those who don't know, star tipping involves the following:
You go outdoors on a clear night. One person focuses on a star or cluster of stars above and spins around in circles as quickly as possible while staring at the chosen star/ group of stars. This can go on for anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute. The other person yells for them to stop at the given time and shines a flashlight into the spinner's eyes. The spinner- suddenly jolted from spinning in the dark to standing still with a bright light in their eyes- falls to the ground. I have also read that this game can be played in a dark room also.
I suppose it works by making the spinner dizzy and disoriented then giving them a bit of a jolt with the bright light and still motion. They feel a sense of vertigo and find it impossible to remain upright.
As far as I know, no one has studied the game's neurological effects. I can't imagine that it would cause any longterm problems unless it was done on a frequent basis- more than once or twice a week. The sensation seems to be similar to riding a roller coaster and to my knowledge, those do not cause any problems. It does seem that it would cause problems for those with a history of seizures, epilepsy or vertigo. *I debated about describing this game because I worried that those not already playing this game would use the description to learn how to play it but anyone looking up the phrase star tipping will find the same information.
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replied June 15th, 2013
Hi there! I can understand concern about this game but I have not heard anything about it from the medical community so here is a perspective from someone who has played it.
Star tipping is done best by having a person spin with their head looking upwards for about 45 seconds one way then stopping and spinning the other way for about 45. Then the person with a flashlight yells STOP and has the spinner look towards their voice. Then the person with a flashlight shines it into their eyes and for everyone watching it is a good show. They stumble around for a couple seconds, and look like their very intoxicated. Then they just collapse on the ground.
Though, when your the person spinning then getting the light shined in your eyes it is a really strange sensation. It happens so fast and when done right your brain goes crazy and your body just stops working. Because of the feelings you get I can see a cause for concern and I would be interested in learning about mental or physical problems.
Also, after you have fallen it is best to get up right away, if you lay down for too long the effects get worse. Then for a couple minutes to almost an hour you feel light headed and a little out of it. There is also quite a few people who get a stomach ache from it.
Overall, it is fun to watch and has some complications when your actually participating but I have done it many times and I have friends who do it and none have gotten injured or had any serious problems that I have heard about. Though, I would say that young children should must certainly not take part in star tipping.
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