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Staph Infection - Need Help and Info

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I was recently diagnosed with a bad staph infection which I believe I contacted through a wound on my head. Unfortunately I have been sick for at least a couple of years before the staph infection became "active" not knowing what I had. I deal with daily migraines, fibromyalgia and ulcerative colitis. I was in the hospital in June, 2011 and was told I had lost half my blood supply and received two units of blood and was then put in the hospital for four days. I had an endoscopsy and it was determined that I have a large ulcer in my stomach and several small ones in my duodeum. This all while dealing with the unknown staph infection which had become quite active - I thought I had hookworm because I could feel and see something moving around my head, face and whole body - it has spread throughout my whole body probably due to the fact that I had tried to "pop" and squeeze it out of me. I had the infection when I went into the hospital but the doctors there were useless especially infectious diseases doctors.

My dermatologist is treating me now and hopefully his treatment will work because this stuff is freaky and scary - it is like a horror movie because it has spread throughout my whole house (and I mean in EVERYTHING - walls, floors, furniture, all clothing, all sheets and towels, etc. I can actually see it spread.) I feel like I am going bonkers. It is all over my food IN my refrigerator. I feel so gross and dirty. It seems to spread like wildfire if you try to clean it and my husband, grandson, son and five dogs all have signs of having it too. I don't think they have it actively but what do I know? How do you get rid of it when it seems to have permeated everything in your home?

Also, has anyone experienced when they lay down to sleep feeling like it is moving all throughout your body especially my head since that is where it all started? Plus since I am so aware of it I actually see it on my sheets, pillows, mattress, etc. Very hard to get a good nights sleep. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.
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