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Stan, could you comment on beans in the diet

Just starting this diet and wondered if all beans are ok, or if not why? Also, have been eating lentils= what about that?
How can I test for hypoglycemia besides the way I feel- weak, like I'm going to pass out. What sort of Dr. should I see?
Why do you cut out dairy? Really need help
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replied August 9th, 2010
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No, beans should only be eaten if SPROUTED. If you feel okay with them, go ahead, but most people I've talked to have had problems with them. It's the phytic acid and the way the carbohydrates are processed if they're not sprouted. Keep in mind that cashews and peanuts are actually beans, so be careful with them. Lentils, same issue as beans. They taste like crap too, I could never get into them. You have to add so much to make them palatable that you might as well forget them. Endocriniologist is best, they'll be more careful with tests and more precise. I don't cut out dairy, only milk. I eat plenty of milk, but for yogurt I tend to stay only with sheep milk. It's the carbohydrates in milk, it's a dissacharide, so it's basically a simple sugar when you eat it. Cheese and fermenting processes (like for sour cream), eliminate this problem.
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replied August 30th, 2010
I love them and find them to be ok.

Can't do the milk, I am realizing.
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