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Stage 4 bone cancer management

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first of all i would like to thank you for having a community or a support group like this. I would like to ask an advise what can you suggest about my mama who was inflicted by a bone cancer stage 4 are there any alternative or diet that will prevent the spread of the cancers cell. please also advice what will be the management that will help my mama.also i read an article about Iodine pump could you explain it to me?is that a cure or prevention of metastasize thank you again and may God bless us with this battle.
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replied February 16th, 2009
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Stage 4 bone cancer presents the worst prognosis, cause the cancerous cells have spread from the primary site (bones) to the nearby lymph nodes, lungs and other distant organs.
Any kind of treatment in most of the cases of this stage of disease, is just palliative (ease the symptoms) and isn't curable.
I guess she is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
You can ask about biotherapy, treatment that boost or restore the ability of the immune system to fight cancer, using antibodies, growth factors, and some of them have a direct anti cancerous effect.
Participation in clinical trials is an important treatment option for many people with bone cancer.
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replied May 22nd, 2009
cancer in bone cancer, lymph nodes, adrenal glan and spine
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replied June 19th, 2010
plzzz help nd answer me what to do
my mama is 59 years old nd few months ago she has been operated for cancer in female organ. Now she has been reported for bone cancer nd some infection in liver.
bone cancer is at stage 1.
Kindly suggest me what to do now
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