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1st month on tri-sprintec, on last row. Am I protected?

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hello! Good morning/afternoon/evening. I started tri-sprintec the day I started my menstrual cycle (which was on a sunday) and I have been taking the pill since EVERYDAY and ON TIME. I have not missed one pill at all and I take it at the same time everyday, my ? Is: I am on the last row of my first packet ever (the white pill row, I think they are also called the reminder pills since they're white and the others are either blue gray etc) I have not had sex w my bf, but I wanted to know if we were to have sex on this week that I am on the last row and if he ejaculated in me, would I be safe? That's the big ? :/. If you don't undestand my question please let me know Smile I would be extremely thankful if I could get some help !(: thank you! luvsme inlove Question
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replied July 13th, 2010
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Jayjay, Yes, after the first 7 days you are safe every minute of every day as long as you keep on taking it as directed. That includes your bleeding days.

Remember that the pill does not protect you from STDs and infections.

Best of luck!
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