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Squirting during sex & pee sensation

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I recently started having sex with a girl that was a virgin before she met me. So the last time we had intercoarse...she kept saying that she had too pee. i told her to just relax...several times- nothing happened.

my highschool sweetheart and i had watched a video called Seymore's after watching that we sat on the couch- i had towles all over the couch, on me, on the floor- EVERYWHERE...and i was doing what they said to do in the video- was actually like a tutorial on how to make women squirt- very informative...anyways...we tried and failed- i think the abundance of the towels and the mere stupidity of it all, killed the mood.

"squirting" is what brought me too ehealthforum...i had copied and pasted a post on here regaurding this topic and sent it too my girly friend(the virgin).

she said that she has felt that "I gotta pee" sensation several times while having sex with me...i think the next time we go at it, it will happen...she knows now that it ISN'T urine, and that she just needs to relax and push it out as if she was peeing.

I am so incredibly turned on to the fact that she may be able to squirt- i want t taste it so bad- it's only fair right- if she takes my semen, then i get her female ejaculate.
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replied December 12th, 2008
Well I am glad you were able to work it out.

Tell her to relax and just slowly work it through.

I heard clitortal stimulation increases the "squirt" abit so you can try that too.

Good Luck,

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replied September 20th, 2009
reply to the squirting and peeing sensation
As a matter of fact my ex-boyfriend and I watched a how to squirt dvd. lol. He really wanted me to learn how to as well. I wanted to learn how to too. so we watched it several times. The G-spot it what you want to stimulate. If you two went the local sex shop and got a dildo that had like an angle upward to it,(g-spot dildo) and you just slide it into her about an inch with the upward point, pointed upward, then that would be just about where her g-spot is. keep moving in and out and firmly pushing up against that spot with the point while doing it. Have oral sex with her while you are doing this. I mean it took him and I literally about 3 hours of oral sex, with the dildo too and having sex in between, back and forth between the two. You have to be REALLY be comfortable with someone to be able to do this. I guess what happens as you probably learned, is that the g-spot swells up with this fluid! It feels very weird, yet really erotic at the same time. I mean it really feels like you have to pee quite badly. It is really hard to do if you are in her, so when you are having sex with her, she has to push it out, but you have to have sex with her slowly. I found doggy style to be the very best way to do this. I will tell you what though, it really did seem like I was peeing, but they claim your not! lol! Good luck, and hope this helps!
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replied July 19th, 2010
yes i get that all the time peeing sensation but makes me even more horny my ex used to suck my lips slow as and id feel like peeing sensations over and over id just tell him to stop cause i could do that for ages i find the windmil position works when he inserts his penis you get a whole lot of his penis and testicles rubbing all over you vjj gues thanks to gravity lol
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