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Squirted once, but cant do it again. Help please

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when me and my boyfriend were doing a 69, he made me squirt, at first i didnt know weather if i was going to pee or squirt, but i let it happen anyway (if it had been pee, i would have been so embarrised, but luckily for me it wasnt), it felt REALLY REALLY UNBELIEVABLY GREAT when it happened though, but ever since i've never been able to squirt again (its been about a month - about a month and a half & we have regular sex, sometimes a few times in a day every other day), eventhough he does it the same way as he made me orgasm. I dont get it. When he's down on me it feels fantastic so fantastic that it feels like im orgasming but nothing happens. I really dont know what to do. I wanna squirt again cause it feel amazingly good and i know it makes my boyfriend happy but everytime i dont i feel like im letting him down or i think that he thinks that he's doing something wrong cause nothing happens eventhough he's done it once. I dont know weather im so wantng it to happen again that im concentrating so much that im over doing it so its not happenening or weather its something else. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated on my behalf and my boyfriends :)

thanks for reading my slight dilema Smile
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replied November 27th, 2011
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it is not quite clear what you are describing. Getting an orgasm should be your primary goal. It sounds like you stopped to orgasm? If that is the case, you first have to learn how to consistently orgasm with him.

If you do still orgasm, extend your foreplay. The longer you stay in that highly aroused state just before orgasm, the better your chances. When you feel like your orgasm is starting, he should rub somewhere else, your breasts, your hair, your bottom, your anus, anywhere where it still feels good. After a few seconds he can start right bach up again. Once you feel like you have to pee, squeeze down just like you do when you pee and let him finish stimulating you to orgasm.

Best of luck.
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