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Today is Jan 7. I had my last period Dec 7 and had sex with my bf 3 days after I got off my period (Dec 16) On Dec 21 I experience a few drops of blood in my panties and I thought I was starting again so I put a pad on but no more blood came. On Dec 28 and Jan 2 this happened again. Also there are some brown spots showing up on my panties. Yesterday (Jan 6) I thought I started but once again, I put on a pad and nothing came, just brown gooey stuff. Last night I woke up with cramps liek I always do but not blood. Today I wipe and see blood on my paper and put on a pad but no more comes and next time i wipe there is blood there so it seemed like it just hadnt dropped onto my panties yet. Well the next time I wiped there was nothing, but the brown stuff again. And then next time a small streak of blood and some brown stuff.

When i had sex it wasn't protected but he pulled out before he even came close to having one. We only did it for like 30 seconds and I mad him stop because he didn't have a condom.

I know you can get regnant from pre-cum but there couldn't have been that much pre-cum in that short amount of time.

Also, my vagina was very dry so it was hurting. I have thyroid problems so I thought maybe it could be hormonal problem and also i'm really stressed out. I don't feel pregnant. At all. And Right now I'm having cramping and a headache but I always have a headache. I've had one constantly since October. And Spotting is the only real symptom I've had.

Can anyone help me? I think I could possibly be pregnant, but I'm not sure. And I don't want to take a test until I'm a few days late and I'm suppose to start today and today is almost over. I feel like I'm on it, and it feels wet down there but nothing is there. I don't have tender breast or any sort of pregnancy symptom other than the spotting thing. Is there anythng I can do to make myself start if I'm not preg?


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replied January 8th, 2010
Especially eHealthy

From what you are describing you do not have a high likelihood of being pregnant. It does however not make what you did less stupid. At least you stopped him for which you should get a gold star.

That does not mean you can not be pregnant though. There is always the chance that if his penis went into your vagina, more happened than you think or he will admit to. Being that dry however you would probably have felt the difference if he ejaculated.

You should take a pregnancy test. Use one of the early detection kits, follow the instructions and use the first pee of the day. Use the second stick to test 7 days later to confirm the results.

Are there any chance you can have an infection causing the bleeding/spotting? Strange smells? Weird discharge? Itching?

And please please please be more careful. You have to protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy. Don't be in a hurry to have intercourse. There are many safer things you can do that will give you as much pleasure.

Take care!
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replied January 8th, 2010

It smells like I'm on it and everything, cramping, headache, bloating, etc but there isn't a lot of blood like there normally is. I've beenc ramping a lot today and tere has been blood but no real heavy stuff like tehre usually is.
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