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Spotting months after abortion

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I am 38 years old now and in 2005 I had a surgical abortion at six wks old. Everthing went well. Exactly one year after I became pregnant again and for very personal reasons, aborted again at sixwks also. I spotted five months after the abortion and no menses. I went for a checkup and the Dr. said he could not find the cause. Then my menses started again and normal 28days cycle. I was not on any pills. In 2007 ,I was pregnant again and this time, wanted to keep the pregnancy. Three weeks into the pregnancy, I started spotting on some days and on the fourth week, I went for an Ultra sound. I was told all was ok. By week five the spotting was heavier and I decided to end the pregnancy. On week six I had a surgical abortion and the Dr. told me my womb was too big and that the remains looked more like fibre and that was not normal.I was scarred if there could be a more seroius problem. MY menses came and from the sixth day I could notice blood every morning on the tissue after urinating. It continued until I had my second period and then light blood in the morning till the third period. Then everything is normal again. What can be happening to me ? Can I carry a pregnancy to term ?
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replied May 6th, 2010
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Opinions on abortion do not belong in this forum. Take it to the pro-life forum or the abortion debate forum.
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