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Spotting for a month on my 3rd packet of Camrese?

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I'm on my 3rd packet of Camrese (generic version of Seasonique) and this is my first time using birth control (well, technically my second but the first one (different brand) I stopped using after the first week cause I was having extremely bad side effects). The box has 91 pills and I'm in week 10 now.

I started seeing spotting on February 20th and it hasn't stopped since. It almost seems as though I'm having a really light period. I've noticed that sometimes the blood has been red versus the usual brown. I'm just hopping that it's my body still trying to get used to the birth control pills, but it's getting frustrating.

Should I be worried? I've read and heard that spotting is normal during the 3rd month of using birth control but I don't know how long it's supposed to last. I'm hoping it'll end soon.

Also does spotting occur if I take my pills earlier or later than the usual time? Cause sometimes I go to bed early and so I take my pills then, which is usually like 15 minute early, and sometimes I forget and it's about 10-30 minutes late.

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