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spotting every other day for a week

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okay i had a really light poied last month it also lasted 3 days Shocked and i most of the time have to take pills to make me start but this time i didn't went to the doctor took a pee test and in was a no. we haven been trying for about 2 years now with a doctor to have a baby. lovers and this month i spotted on the 25 it was very light then i stopped the same day. a week later on the 1 i spotted aging and stopped the same day then i spotted aging on the 3 and aging stopped the same day. its been going on like this for a week now spotting and stopping every other day? scared What can this be. i called the doctor and she wants to see me in a week and wants a home pg test done before i come in??? if i took one the day that i called her (9/7/12) and i was not pregnant then y does she want me to take another one. what could be making me spot like this. pls help pray
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replied September 14th, 2012
i can't really tell you what it is but are you taking any medication or under a lot of stress cause that could be the cause but then again it could be anything!!! you could be one of those women who never get a positive or it could be too early who knows all i can say is talk to your doctor about a blood test to be sure and a scan to see if you have a cyst or anything else that could very well be causing the problem but if you are not keep trying good luck and baby dust to you
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