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Spotting, brown mucus!

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Dear doc,

I'm 17 and i had sex 3 weeks ago. he pulled out and came.i did not bleed when we had sex. i started to get brown mucus discharge mixed with traces of blood. then i started to spot thinking it was my period, but a few hours later it would stop then start back up again. I've had no other symtoms but this pregnancy? please help.
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replied November 8th, 2010
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Hi jasi4lyfe,

The brown mucus discharge and traces of blood are due to the intercouse. It isn't abnormal to spot after having intercourse, that is due to the intensity of the sexual act itself. Although, he pulled out of you this time, it is a very poor form of birth control and is subject to fail. Please remember those who use the "Pull and Pray method of birth control usually end up being Parents. To avoid this, please refrain from having sex, if you chose to contine to do so, please do so responsibilelly. Please overcome the secrectcy and shame and see a health care provider for a reliable form of birth control. It is less embarrassing for your mother to know you are on birth control as opposed to being pregnant.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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replied October 31st, 2011
brown mucus, with blood for the past 5 days.... help
hi at first brown mucus with blood was coming out after my boyfriend fingered me.. but also iam a virgin.. and it happened like 5 or 4 days ago, and it is still coming out, and now is more like blood, and im supposed to start my period any day now, is this bieng combined with my period as well bc it hasnt stop, i dont get any sort of spotting during the night..

so whats exactly going on?
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